VIP Guest

VIP stands for "Very Important Person" who is a diplomat, a minister, an ambassador or a chief executive . VIP or CIP service is provided at the airports, hotels immunization of VIP service . In the other words in VIP service the person will be served by a body gourd in an allocated locality and will be watched up by the security cameras ! VIP charges will be paid by the managing organization .

VIP service at the Airport :
Providing him or her with all the circumstances regarding his or her travel such as getting boarding pass, inspecting and hosting in a private place and transferring to the ramp and vice versa .

VIP service at the Hotel :
A VIP room is set with a basket of flower, fruit and confectionary box and the VIP guest is welcomed with a good turn and formal act .

VIP service at the Conference Hall :
Allocating the nearest place to the stage and providing a formal hosting for him or her .